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Switched socket with power metering

The Wireless Switched Socket with Power Metering (HmIP-PSM-PE) is part of the Homematic IP smart home system and allows you to control connected appliances and measure electrical quantities.

Socket with measurement

Switches electrical appliances and measures electrical quantities. It is part of the Homematic IP smart home system.


Allows appliances to be switched manually via a button on the socket or remotely

Watches consumption

The data is recorded and evaluated through the application

Extends network range

Can optionally be used as a signal repeater

Comfortable heating control

Unlimited cloud allows setup and control from anywhere in the world


Creating scenarios that take your needs into account


Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control support

Switched socket with consumption measurement

Wireless Switched Socket with Power Metering (HmIP-PSM-PE)

Homematic IP represents a complete revolution in Smart Home, bringing you uncompromising German quality, comprehensive solutions and a wide range of modularity, including a portfolio of products for automation, security and building protection.

The Wireless Switched Power Metered Power Outlet (HmIP-PSM-PE) is part of the Homematic IP smart home system and allows you to easily control connected electrical appliances via a mobile app, measure electrical quantities, and at the same time act as a signal repeater for other components in the system.

Use of switched socket

The switched wireless socket (HmIP-PSM-PE) with metering function enables switching of connected devices.
It allows you to switch on and off connected appliances, measure their energy consumption, voltage, current and power. Connected devices can be controlled manually directly by a button on the socket or remotely in combination with the Central Unit (HmIP-HAP) and the Homematic IP mobile app.

One example of an effective use of a switched socket could be to meter energy consumption, connect and control any electric heaters or lights. In combination with the Wall Thermostat (HmIP-WTH) from the Homematic IP series, the room temperature and heating process can be controlled according to individual needs, resulting in immediate savings and energy cost reductions of up to 30%.

Measures power consumption and increases signal range

The energy consumption data of the connected appliance is recorded and can be evaluated via the Homematic IP application. The button on the front functions to manually activate the connected device and also as a coloured LED indicator of the device status.

To extend the wireless range of the Homematic IP smart home network, the device can optionally be used as a signal repeater (range up to 400 m).

System operation

The connection of the Switched Socket (HmIP-PSM-PE) to the Central Unit (HmIP-HAP) offers convenient setup and control of the comprehensive Homematic IP smart home system using an intuitive app (for Android and iOS in CZ) designed for smartphones. The mobile app enables instant response to messages and alerts from your smart home system and connects all Homematic IP devices via free, unlimited cloud, which allows setup and control of the system from anywhere in the world, transferring important information and updating the software and firmware of the device, transmitting configuration and operational commands from the Homematic IP app towards the individual smart home devices.

Unique solution

When creating profiles and scenarios, you can take into account all your needs in terms of building security requirements, automation, heating, and a range of other criteria depending on your priorities.

Voice control

The Homematic IP smart home system, of which the switched sockets are part, supports voice control and communication with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. For safe, stable and reliable communication, the system has its own unique radio technology between the devices.

Easy installation

The switched socket can be installed quickly and easily without the need for installation tools. After plugging into a 230 V mains socket, the device is immediately ready for operation. Thanks to its compact design, it does not block surrounding sockets.

Wide range of uses

Ideal for versatile use in homes, offices, businesses, healthcare facilities, etc.


Package contents:


Homematic IP
no (requires HmIP-HAP Central Unit or HmIP-CCU3 Control Unit)
Power supply:
2x 1.5V LR6 / Mignon / AA
Current consumption:
16A max.
Standby power consumption:
< 0,3W
Maximum load:
Measuring range:
0 - 3680W
1 % +- 0,03W
Type of load:
resistive load, cos fi >= 0,95
Degree of protection:
Operating temperature:
-10 to +35 °C
Dimensions (WxHxD):
70 x 70 x 39 mm (without plug)
Package dimensions:
122 x 112 x 97 mm
Weight including packaging:
Working frequency:
868.3MHz, 869.525MHz
Wireless range (in open space):

Central control
using the application

No matter where you are: With the free smartphone app you have it all. Control your smart home anytime, anywhere. Simply comfortable.