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Automation, security and intelligent building management system

Homematic IP is an intelligent building automation and control system supported by a mobile app designed for everyday use and a solution that will constantly adapt to your specific needs.

Smart solutions to meet your needs

Homematic IP is an intelligent and modular system manufactured by the German company eQ-3, which has long been among the world market leaders in the development and production of SMART HOME technologies.
Products offer customer-friendly modular building automation and control solutions with support for mobile app controlthat has been designed to cover all daily operations and to be individually adapted to the user’s needs.
It offers solutions for all categories of users or property managers, from homeowners to tenants in apartments. It is intuitive, easy to use and does not compromise on functionality or security.

Product Categories Homematic IP

An ever-expanding portfolio Homematic IP products includes control equipment heating and air conditioning, security and access, lighting control and shading, applications for weather control and automation of all related processes, as well as numerous accessories. Homematic IP thus offers not only a wide range of modularity of use, but also a higher level of security and, above all, a solution that can constantly adapt to your needs over time. The entire system can be intuitively configured and controlled via the free mobile app for smartphones or other peripherals:

Homematic IP will give your home a concrete face

We have adapted technology to create a timeless professional solution that will grow with your ideas over time and allow you to meet your needs. Our HOMEMATIC IP technology could take over the world, but we put it in your hands and put it to work for building automation and control.

Installation in 20 minutes

We designed Homematic IP productsthat can lay the professional foundation for a smart home in any building or structure in 20 minutes. Products that easily create a comfortable and convenient environment, immediately and efficiently reduce energy consumption, and maximize the financial savings of your operating or family budget from the very first moment.

Homematic IP friendly application

We created a user-friendly application, combined the most powerful hardware with unique software, and applied it all to a single system that doesn’t age over time while pushing all previous boundaries.
With Homematic IP, you too can put a face to your project, just like more than 2.5 million homes in Europe before you.

Discover a new world of a system that grows with you and your needs

A world where you can let some worries disappear completely and where complicated things can become so easily simple. Include in your upcoming project Homematic IP products or simply integrate them into your existing home. Welcome to a world that is a combination of evolution in regulation, control, automation and security.

Welcome to the world of Homematic IP.

Heating and air conditioning

The heating control devices enable the control of the radiators in each room completely individually across the whole house/building based on a custom configuration, allowing the user to optimise energy costs with savings of up to 30%*. Homematic IP can also be used to efficiently control underfloor heating or air conditioning.
The system collects room temperature information from sensors installed in individual rooms and is thus able to intelligently target the circulation of hot water to different heating zones, unlike conventional heating circuit systems. This not only spreads the energy load, but also ensures efficient energy distribution through a smooth flow of heating water.

Using free mobile app you can create individual profiles and heating scenarios for each room. Yours heating system can thus be fully automated, but still under your control, with the flexibility to react to changing circumstances and adjust the room temperature to your liking.

Security and surveillance

Homematic IP is at the same time an intelligent wireless security system with high reliability, encrypted communication, long signal range, user-friendliness and modern design, which aims to make you feel safe at home. Designed for commercial security with a wide modularity of use and multiple protection application options, the system reliably protects various types of buildings from threats in the form of fire, unauthorized entry, assault, burglary or flooding.
A quick glance at the app is all it takes to make sure everything is in order at your home or office, even if you’re thousands of miles away. The system is protected against interference or cyber attacks, and in the event of destruction of the central unit or loss of internet connection, it is able to continue to reliably provide local monitoring and activate an alarm. Your safety and a worry-free life are our priority.


Convenient switching and dimming of lights can create the right feeling in your home or office. For example, you can create a pleasant atmosphere for an evening’s TV viewing by creating a scenario in the mobile app. Simply adjust the dimming of the ceiling light in the living room to the desired level and activate the floor lamp at the same time. Automation of roller shutter and awning control devices is also very useful. In the app, you can easily create schedules that not only give you privacy, but simulate physical presence while increasing security. Through individual weekly profiles that also take sunrise and sunset into account, the functions of outdoor lighting or other external devices can be controlled. An example of this is the Homematic IP louvre activators, which, depending on the preset configuration, allow precise adjustment of the position of the slats of outdoor and indoor louvres.


Have you ever forgotten your front door key and stood in front of a locked door? Or were you sitting in the car and suddenly weren’t sure if you really locked the door or not?
Thanks to the access functions of Homematic IP, these problems are now a thing of the past and you can easily transform your front door into a smart entry system and turn your mobile phone into a digital key with our solution.
You can then open, lock or unlock your door remotely at any time using the mobile app on your smartphone or just as easily with the handy remote control (key fob).

Weather and environment

Thanks to our weather monitoring sensors, the Homematic IP system automatically adapts to the current weather conditions. In conjunction with other Homematic IP devices, the movement processes of awnings, blinds or shutters can be automated and controlled depending on the specific weather conditions, so that the Homematic IP system can actively protect your home or other property at the same time. One of the advantages of our solution is the high modularity and flexibility of the user in creating individual rules. An example would be to automate the awning extension to 80% during a currently recorded increase in solar activity.

Homematic IP Applications

Free, intuitive and easy to use! Do you think the smart home is too complicated? It doesn’t have to be! With Homematic IP, everything is at your fingertips. From setup to day-to-day operation. With the Homematic IP app for smartphones, you can handle even seemingly complex configurations in just a few minutes. Once connected to a Homematic IP access point, the app becomes the intelligent hub of your installation. Use the app to control and configure the management of your entire smart building system, whether you’re at home, at work or on the go.
The free mobile application without registration, designed for smart devices with Android and iOS operating systems in Czech localization, is constantly adapting to modern trends, optimizing and evolving depending on the growth, requirements and needs of Smart Home users.

Heating and air conditioning control

The room temperature can be adjusted in each room to suit your individual needs.


Create the perfect atmosphere with automated lighting control using the app and your smartphone.

Security and surveillance

An intelligent wireless security system with high reliability designed for commercial security.

Blinds, shutters and awnings

The control of blinds, roller shutters and awnings is controlled and automated depending on the time of day, programme or weather.


Homematic IP turns your door into an intelligent entry system and your smartphone into a digital key.

Weather and environment

You always have weather data at hand, which Homematic IP can use to control your smart home.


Central control
using the application

No matter where you are: With the free smartphone app you have it all. Control your smart home anytime, anywhere. Simply comfortable.