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Together we will choose the best heating control option for you

Create profiles and scenarios, taking into account all your automation needs heating with regard to energy savings and sensible temperature. You can set the night mode so that you can sleep well, wake up to a comfortable temperature in the morning and enter a pre-warmed bathroom.
You can set the room temperature yourself in each roomto suit your needs, ensuring a high level of comfort with efficient energy use and significant cost savings.
With the Central Unit (HmIP-HAP) it is possible to take full advantage of all system functionalities including intelligent heating prediction for maximum energy savings. In the mobile app (for Android and iOS in CZ), you can set up to several weekly temperature profiles, different daily modes for increasing or decreasing the temperature or a variety of advanced scenarios.
Welcome to a world that is revolutionizing control, management, automation and security.

Welcome to the world of safehome-matic.

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Central control
using the application

No matter where you are: With the free smartphone app you have it all. Control your smart home anytime, anywhere. Simply comfortable.