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Network of partners

For Homematic IP system is not only a sophisticated intelligent building control and automation solution, but also a network of professionals dedicated to design, technical support, installation and sales.

Become part of our strong community.

Each of the individual partners benefits from the mutual cooperation and connection of the SAFE HOME brand, Homematic IP and the network of partners, which in mutual symbiosis creates a very strong professional community. However, our customers always come first, and they can choose which part of our community to address based on their needs.
If you have decided to purchase a Homematic IP system, you can do so through one of our authorized Internet partners or visit one of our partner brick-and-mortar stores directly with trained staff and the opportunity to try out the installation of the basic range of components.
If you don’t want to waste time with system integration and prefer to leave it to professionals, you can contact us via the contact form and we will recommend a qualified installation partner in the location of your planned installation.
If you are preparing the integration of a larger project or the installation of systems in multiple buildings, contact us and entrust your project to our project engineers who will guide you individually through the entire process from design to implementation.

Qualified installation partner

Are you looking for a qualified, authorized installation company in your area? Fill out the contact form and we will connect you with the nearest professional who will give you individual attention.

Authorised dealer

You can buy Homematic IP products nationwide, but if you want to make sure your purchase includes expert advice and the opportunity to take advantage of the SafeHome-Matic IP club, contact us via the form and we’ll direct you.

Project design and implementation

Are you going to implement your own project? Our team of professionals is here for you!
We will prepare an individual design of the solution, prepare a budget for the delivery of the system, carry out consultations and, in the case of an existing building, assess the current state on site.

How to become part of a professional network of installation partners

Good craftsmen are in demand. More than 900 authorized installers and dealers work with us to successfully implement building control, security and automation projects. Contact us via the form, take part in professional training, qualify as an installation partner and become part of our strong network of professional installation companies.

How to become a business partner for product distribution

Are you a specialist retailer interested in products in the security and building automation category that are sophisticated and attractive? You or your employees can attend our product training for authorised dealers and become part of our professional sales network.


Central control
using the application

No matter where you are: With the free smartphone app you have it all. Control your smart home anytime, anywhere. Simply comfortable.