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Door lock drive

Wireless Intelligent Door Lock Drive (HmIP-DLD), designed for convenient, motor-driven door lock operation.

Motion detector with IP44 protection

The Wireless Intelligent Door Lock Drive (HmIP-DLD) is part of the Homematic IP smart home system.

Unique solution

The hi-tech solution consists of a unique stepper motor actuator

High performance lenses

Control by key, keypad, key fob, buttons on the device or voice

Intuitive access control

Scenario programming and time-controlled door lock control

Brightness sensor

The user can define access through configurable access permissions


Individual temperature setting using the free Homematic IP application

Easy installation

No cabling required and with included mounting material

Door lock drive

Wireless PIR motion detector with brightness sensor (HmIP-SMO-A-2)

Homematic IP represents a complete revolution in Smart Home, bringing you uncompromising German quality, comprehensive solutions and a wide range of modularity, including a portfolio of products designed to control access, security and safety.

Why open the door with a key when you can open it remotely with a key fob, voice via home assistant or from anywhere using the Homematic IP mobile app.

Unique solution

The hi-tech solution of the Door Lock Drive (HmIP-DLD) consists mainly in a unique stepper motor actuator.

The door lock operator can be easily retrofitted to any standard commercial, residential or residential door. It is used for convenient, motor-driven unlocking, locking and opening of doors with cylinder.

The key inserted into the door lock insert is rotated by the actuator so that the door lock mechanism moves in exactly the same way as a normal manual key movement.

The mechanism of the device is designed for both keys ending in the horizontal and vertical working position of the cylinder. At the same time, the actuator (HmIP-DLD) can be used universally for all doors with standard cylinders, including the safety cylinder.

High performance lenses

The device offers multiple control options for all ages from children to seniors. The door lock drive can be easily operated manually from the outside with the key and from the inside with the emergency rotary ring.

Electronically via the external keypad (HmIP-WKP) or internally via two buttons on the front of the door lock operator. Remotely via the wireless Remote Key Fob (HmIP-KRCK), voice via the home assistant (communication with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa supported) or from anywhere in the world via the Homematic IP mobile app.

Alarm functions

In addition to the usual user functions, the device offers optional and intuitive access control. It is configured exclusively using the Central Unit (HmIP-HAP) and via the Homematic IP mobile app. This opens up additional functionalities of the smart home system to the user with the possibility of programming scenarios, displaying status information, as well as optimising access functions such as time-controlled locking through flexible weekly programmes and individual access profiles.

The system can, for example, automatically lock the entrance door at any predefined time, thus increasing the security of the building in a relatively simple and effective way and eliminating the need to check the locking of the entrance door.

Brightness sensor

The user can individually define and at the same time control access to the entrance thanks to configurable access permissions regardless of the day of the week or time. An example of this would be cleaning staff or a care service that will only be able to enter an apartment or house using a wireless Remote Key Fob (HmIP-KRCK) on a certain day of the week and at a certain time.

The user will be able to control such access via the Homematic IP mobile app, which records and displays information about which doors have been opened and when.

Protection in case of sabotage

For secure, stable and reliable communication, the system has its own unique radio technology at the operating frequency of 868.0 – 869.525 MHz with fully encrypted AES-128 communication. Operation on this frequency limits wireless transmission to 1% of the time per hour, thus ensuring long battery life of connected devices and users are not exposed to continuous wireless radiation. In addition, the central unit (HmIP-HAP) reliably detects radio interference.

The security of the wireless IP protocol has been tested by the independent testing laboratory Techniker-Verband VDE in Germany and the testing institute AV-TEST.

The Homematic IP wireless technology allows communication with components up to 400 m in the open or over several floors of a high-rise building, enabling reliable connection of devices even in remote locations. And if it is necessary to increase the range, it is sufficient to add a Switching socket (HmIP-PSM-PE) locally, which also acts as a signal repeater or another Central Unit (HmIP-HAP).

Power supply

The 3 AA replaceable power supply batteries allow low maintenance operation and ensure the device will run for up to 6 months (in the case of lithium power supply batteries, the operating time can be up to several times longer depending on the frequency of use of the device). As soon as the capacity of the supply batteries is reduced to a minimum, the user is informed by the Homematic IP application.

Easy installation

Wireless communication and battery operation offer the possibility of easy installation without the need for wiring. An important factor for installation is the size of the cylinder, which must protrude 8-15 mm on the inside of the door. If this is not the case, it is recommended to purchase a new cylinder with an optimum preload of 10 mm at the same time as the device. Standard assembly is carried out using the assembly materialincluded in the package, without any mechanical intervention in the door. The mounting bracket design of the Door Lock Drive (HmIP-DLD) offers additional holes for optional bolt attachment to the internal hardware or door leaf.

Wide range of uses

The Homematic IP app offers a wealth of settings that adapt to all standard locks. You can select the direction of key rotation, the number of turns, the initial key position, the angular field of the end position of the key and the time the lock latch is held open in the absence of a moving handle.

Wide range of uses

Ideal for versatile use in homes, offices, businesses, healthcare facilities, etc.


Package contents:


Homematic IP
no (requires HmIP-HAP Central Unit or HmIP-CCU3 Control Unit)
Power supply:
3x 1.5V LR6/Mignon/AA
Battery life:
40mA max.
Degree of protection:
Operating temperature:
5 to 35 ° C
Dimensions (W x H x D):
56 x 118 x 63 mm
Package dimensions:
76 x 74 x 90 mm
122 x 112 x 97 mm
Weight including packaging:
170g (including batteries)
Working frequency:
868.0 - 868.6 MHz, 869.4 - 869.65 MHz
Wireless range (in open space):

Central control
using the application

No matter where you are: With the free smartphone app you have it all. Control your smart home anytime, anywhere. Simply comfortable.