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Meteo sensor Plus

Wireless Meteo Sensor Plus (HmIP-SWO-PL) for outdoor use.

Wireless Meteo Sensor Plus

The wireless Meteo Sensor Plus (HmIP-SWO-PL) for outdoor use is part of the Homematic IP smart home system.

Alarm functions

The system immediately performs the operation and informs the user

Water resistant

Reliable operation of the equipment even in the most demanding conditions.

Battery life

3 AA batteries allow the sensor to work effectively for up to 2 years.

Remote control

Control exclusively remotely via the Homematic IP application

Exterior and interior

In the app, the user gets real basic information about local weather conditions.

Easy to install

The package includes a 1.58 m long stainless steel post with a diameter of 25 mm.

Wireless Meteo Sensor Plus

Wireless Meteo Sensor Plus (HmIP-SWO-PL)

Homematic IP represents a complete revolution in Smart Home, bringing you uncompromising German quality, comprehensive solutions and broad modularity with an extensive portfolio of devices.

The wireless Meteo Sensor Plus (HmIP-SWO-PL) for outdoor use is part of the Homematic IP smart home system.

The weather sensor for weather monitoring offers a wide range of applications in conjunction with other Homematic IP devices.

The device reliably measures, intelligently evaluates and accurately records all important values in terms of weather forecasting such as outdoor temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, rainfall, light conditions or sunshine duration.

The measured values are transmitted by the meteo sensor to the Central Unit (HmIP-HAP) and by the Central Unit to the connected Homematic IP devices, which react according to a predefined configuration.


The Meteo Sensor Plus (HmIP-SWO-PL) is primarily designed for outdoor use as a multifunctional weather station working with by an intelligent algorithm and sophisticated weather forecasting, which not only allows you to obtain actual weather values, but also to transmit all measured data in real time to the Central Unit (HmIP-HAP), which in combination with other Homematic IP devices, such as actuators for controlling blinds, shutters or awnings, automates your system smart homes.

This gives you the possibility to create and set up different types of scenarios to individually adapt your facility to the current weather conditions.

The Meteo Sensor Plus (HmIP-SWO-PL) is an extended version of the Meteo Sensor Basic (HmIP-SWO-B), which also predicts the amount and duration of rainfall. Wireless communication and battery operation offer the possibility of variable sensor installation almost anywhere in the outdoor environment.

System operation

The wireless connection of the Meteo Sensor Plus (HmIP-SWO-PL) to the Central Unit (HmIP-HAP) offers convenient setup and control of the comprehensive Homematic IP smart home system using only an intuitive app (for Android and iOS in CZ) designed for smartphones. The Homematic IP mobile app enables instant response to messages and alerts from your smart home system and connects all Homematic IP devices via a free, unlimited cloud, allowing you to set up and control your system from anywhere in the world,
transfer important information and update the software and firmware of the device, forwarding configuration and operational commands from the Homematic IP application to the individual smart home devices .

Alarm functions

All measured values are cyclically transmitted via the Central Unit (HmIP-HAP) to the Homematic IP mobile app and thus simultaneously enable remote monitoring and individual control of the building depending on the current weather and climate conditions. Just by looking at the smartphone screen in the app, the user gets real and comprehensive information about local weather conditions.

Thanks to a number of integrated sensors, this device enables very efficient climate assessment with direct links to building automation and control.

Power supply

The 3 AA replaceable power supply batteries allow low maintenance operation and ensure a relatively long 2-year run time. The user is informed by the Homematic IP application when the capacity of the power batteries is reduced to a minimum.

Easy installation

Thanks to its compact size and battery operation, the Meteo Sensor Plus (HmIP-SWO-PL) offers easy installation without the need for wiring. The package includes mounting material and a 1.58 m long stainless steel post with a diameter of 25 mm (made of three parts). Alternatively, the device can also be installed on a wall or column using standard mounting material.

Wide range of uses

Ideal for versatile use in homes, recreational facilities, businesses, medical facilities, hotels, etc.


Package contents:


Homematic IP
no (requires HmIP-HAP Central Unit or HmIP-CCU3 Control Unit)
Power supply:
3x 1.5V LR6/Mignon/AA
Current consumption:
40mA max.
Battery life:
6 years (usually)
Operating temperature:
-20 to +55 ° C
Operating temperature:
-20 to +55 ° C
Dimensions (W x H x D):
76 x 74 x 90 mm
Amount of rainfall:
122 x 112 x 97 mm
170g (including batteries)
Dimensions (W x H x D):
35 x 53 x 15 cm (without column)
Horizontal scanning angle:
90 °
Package dimensions:
1064g (including batteries)
Weight including packaging:
Working frequency:
868.0 - 868.6 MHz, 869.4 - 869.65 MHz
Wireless range (in open space):

Central control
using the application

No matter where you are: With the free smartphone app you have it all. Control your smart home anytime, anywhere. Simply comfortable.